Today was a pretty chill day. Despite the heat, the museums we visited were pretty cool.

I thought Freedom Park was a beautiful place. The Wall of Names was a great way to pay homage and commemorate certain people and events. The display of those names was very well done, and I liked how there were tons of empty spaces left to leave room for more individuals. Perhaps the most interesting thing about the visit to Freedom Park was the tour guide’s view on the wall incorporating people who have been considered villains or bad people onto the wall’s carvings. Our guide said something to the tune of in order to fully understand parts of history, both the victim and the oppressor or villain need to be recognized and studied. I completely agree with this mentality because often times in American History, certain parts of historical narratives get erased or overlooked because people try their best to forget the terrible things certain people have done in the past. For example, there are people in America who will walk around saying that racism no longer exists, which is ignorant but also feels like a way for people to pretend like nothing ever happened in America’s past that promoted racism and inequality. So, in order to combat that kind of ignorance and attempt to erase a very real and still continuing practice, we must acknowledge both sides of any history so that neither side is forgotten.

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